Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a commission. I love doing commissions as it gives me an opportunity to work with you from the very beginning of the process and create something tailored for you. I work from photographs generally and so a good quality photo is really all it takes to get started.
If it is something you are considering but are not sure about it, please read on...!

For someone special...

This mixed media portrait of Madonna was done as a birthday present for the client’s partner.
Commissions can make a lovely unique gift tailored to your requirements (size, colour scheme, etc) and with the recipient in mind.

Something personal...

As I work with mixed media, my commissions can add elements that go beyond the traditional portrait. This portrait was done for a client who loves music and singing and so this was incorporated into the artwork to make it that bit more special and personal.


Commissions do not have to be expensive.

This mini portrait (about 20x15cm) is bespoke but only costs around £100.

Ask me for a no-hassle quote.

Something different...

If you interested in something that is not a portrait, then please also get in touch!

This was done for a lovely couple who wanted this scene of Ashton Lane in Glasgow to remind them of their time at university (where they first met).

As the client didn’t like yellow, the doors were changed to blue - the sort of thing you can do when it is done to your requirements!