VAGUE takes its inspiration from the Hollywood greats immortalised in the seminal Madonna dance track ‘Vogue’. The portraits celebrate and pay homage to idols such as Marlon Brando and Jean Harlow but also consider a Hollywood not so glittering.

From the time the artist first encountered the stars of a bygone age, there were two conflicting notions: “On the one hand you had the sumptuous iconic images of the stars but then you had the sordid tales of them as described in books such as Kenneth Anger’s ‘Hollywood Babylon’(1975). I love that contradiction.” – JL

As memories fade and blur and people forget who these people were (the death of Lauren Bacall in 2014 representing another end of an era) their images remain unchanged and live on.

But for how long?

“Greta Garbo, and Monroe,
Dietrich and DiMaggio...”